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"Changing lives one craft at a time."

Who We Are



[ background ]

: /vreːdə/


 vrēde m, f

1.    peace, tranquility

VREDE is translated to mean peace and tranquility, which is exactly what I felt immediately I got the revelation of this idea.

It is derived from a language known as Afrikaans, which is a West Germanic language spoken in South Africa, Namibia and to a lesser extent, Botswana and Zimbabwe. It evolved from the Dutch vernacular of South Holland, spoken by mainly Dutch settlers of what is now South Africa.

 919: The first “9” stands for September, the month I was born. This is also the same month the idea came to me.

 “19”, this is how old I was when I thought of this idea. It also stands for 2019, the year of the launch.

- Faith Ibrahim




“Changing lives one craft at a time.”

VREDE: A brand, a story, a vision. 

We are a men’s clothing brand with apparel made in Los Angeles, jewelry hand-made in Nigeria.


VREDE 919 is a medium used to create jobs by providing resources for the youth of Nigeria to use and enhance their God-given, natural skills and gifts. 

VREDE 919’s main sustainability mission is to take care of people and preserve knowledge.



Our key vision to revive the goldsmith industry in Nigeria, pass the knowledge down to younger generations and give back to the society through scholarships.